Karee Gibson has potentially traded 15 minutes of "fame" for a few years in the pen. Her behavior on WEtv's "Bridezillas" was so whacked out that it actually violated her parole, and now she's facing jail time.

Karee, who is on probation for a fight she got into in high school, says she was just "acting" and doing what the producers told her to. Unfortunately, her probation states she's not allowed to "behave in a threatening manner," which pretty much makes an appearance on "Bridezillas" a ticket to the slammer.

She says she was hoping the show would allow her to showcase her acting skills (cough!) and make some money to pay for her wedding. She's retained a lawyer who claims she was misrepresented, so she may see some cash after all. After the jump, check out a clip of Karee "Krazybones" Gibson's antics for yourself.

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