Like a lot of recent grads, Trina Thompson has yet to find a job. But unlike everyone these days, Thompson is suing her college for $70,000.

That's right. The 27-year-old New Yorker -- who graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx -- wants her tuition cash back. She claims that her school didn't fulfill their promise to help grads find jobs and prepare them for the Real World. A rep from the college claims Thompson's lawsuit has no merit.

Sigh. Where do we even begin? First, we're in a recession, sweetie. This means you've gotta get out there and make things happen. For yourself. Career services are a nice resource, but that's exactly what it is: a resource. One of many. At the risk of sounding like our mom, the only person responsible for your future is, well, you. But not to worry -- we're sure having this outrageous claim on your record will have employers flocking to you. Just make sure the job description entails buck-passing.

Does this lady annoy you as much as us? Or does this claim actually have cred?