You may remember Megan Hauserman from "Beauty and the Geek" ... or "Rock of Love" ... or "I Love Money" ... or "Charm School." Now she's trying to fulfill her lifelong goal of marrying rich on her own show, "Megan Wants a Millionaire," premiering Sunday on VH1 (clip below).

To prepare for her future life as a trophy wife, Megan says she's been taking tennis lessons. "I want to put a tennis court in the backyard, and I just plan on hanging out and tanning and swimming in the pool. Milania Trump is my role model."

Until then, Megan says she's found happiness -- and here she shares her best first-date tactics if you're hoping to score your own rich dude (or just a nice guy).

Dress Appropriately -- Sorta
"I spend hours trying to get as perfect as possible [for a date]. I definitely go tanning, get my nails done, maybe do a little teeth whitening, have a drink. And wear something that shows off your body.

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"I think I'm pretty much always inappropriately dressed. I wear things that most people wouldn't wear. But I enjoy it, and I feel good in it and that's all that matters.

Beware Online Perfection
"I met somebody online -- this was a big mistake. This guy sent me pictures, and he was really young and hot and sexy. I got all ready and got up early to meet him for lunch. And I got there and there was a totally different person. It was an old guy that was short and definitely not the guy from the pictures.

"I just pretended that like I didn't even notice because I got all ready so I was going to have lunch. Then I went home and never talked to him again."

Don't Google
"I don't want to know anything about my date before I meet them because I feel like I'd rather just get to know them in person -- not what I read about them or found on the Internet."

Ask All the (Mr.) Right Questions
"You should ask a lot of questions [on the date] because guys like to talk about themselves. And then they're like bonded to you after they tell you something."

Be a Tease
"He should kiss you, and you should definitely not sleep with him on the first date. Don't get too drunk so you accidentally sleep with him."

Kiss Him Goodnight
"Never call him. Always let them chase you. And when you're on the phone, always end the conversation first. Act busy. And he should be paying for everything throughout the relationship."

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