madonnaUh, we've all done yoga and our arms don't look like this. What is Madonna doing to get these guns?!? (BuzzFeed)

Pining for crisp fall days and the ability to wear plaid flannel shirts without sweltering? Here's a solution that will please plaid addicts on hot summer days! (Fashionista)

It's never too late to make your dream happen: This 77-year-old former Green Beret just had a sex change. She's one of the oldest people ever to have had this operation. (Tres Sugar)

Want to get promoted? Here's the body language you should adopt to make it happen. (No, not that body language.) (AOL Jobs)

exercise dateMeeting at a bar for a date might be fine in the beginning of a relationship, but it can get a bit old after a while. (That's what some people say, at least.) Here's how to go on an exercise date. (Health)
wallpaper decoratingWallpapering and painting sound like intimidating spruce-ups? Add a splash of color to your walls with easy to apply Twenty2 Wallbands. Instant gratification! (Chic Tip)
late night texting sexting: i want you now
: you need to stop dating girls with the same name as your mother...or stop drinking so much...I don't want to see this
...that, and more of the best of
. (Em & Lo)
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