We love, love, love Michelle Obama's hair style. It may have just been a cleverly camouflaged up-do, but the bob is chic, elegant and a hard-core First Lady tradition.

While America recovered from Mamie Eisenhower's Swiss-Miss-Girl-in-the-Psych-Ward 'do (seriously, wtf Mamie?), Jackie Kennedy provided the soothing balm of her stylish, glossy helmet. It seems every single successive first lady has rocked the bob since ... some better than others. Here, a brief history of the First Hairstyle.
Jacqueline Kennedy

The hair that launched a thousand clips.
Claudia Johnson

Hey! Hey! Ladybird J! How many curlers did you use today?
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Pat Nixon

Her style was admittedly less Chanel and more Dorothy Zbornak. But it was the '70s! Let it go.
Betty Ford

Does the clinic treat Aqua Net addictions? One hopes, for Betty's sake.
Rosalynn Carter

An advocate for mental health, the homeless, bangs and hot rollers.
Nancy Reagan

Oh Nance! Just Say No to White Rain.
Barbara Bush

They called her the Snow Leopard. Okay, no they didn't. But they should have.
Hillary Clinton

Remember this hair? Remember the headbands? Madam Secretary would probably prefer you didn't.
Laura Bush

The haircut that simultaneously screamed sex and shushed you for talking in the library.

(Photos: Getty Images)