Sneaking around on your boyfriend with another guy can be tough. Why not just follow the example of a woman in Seattle who lives with both of them in one house?

Terisa Greenan, and her two boyfriends, Scott and Larry, are earning them national attention from the Kinsey Institute to the "Oprah" show, because they all live together in one big house. Scott and Larry don't have a relationship -- they're both straight -- and Terisa says they're welcome to date other people. The three say that they're in love as a family, and the polyamorous arrangement somehow functions free of jealousy.

Terisa, a filmmaker, serializes their household on her Web drama about her lifestyle, "Family," which will be kept in DVD form in the Kinsey Intitute's library for researchers to study. Despite the misgivings of their parents, the three say they plan to grow old together. We're not sure whether to be impressed at her progressiveness, or peeved at her for hogging all the dudes.

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