So a couple of weeks ago I did something a little crazy -- I went on a 10-minute Skype date with Glamour Single-Ish blogger Ryan Dodge. Ryan oh-so-generously volunteered to go on three Skype dates with me and two other girls in the name of exploring what it's like to date via video. We shot the ish about cats, bikes, tattoos and how totally weird it was to be meeting each other "face to face" over the computer.

You can check out a mini-excerpt of our mini-date here:

As Ryan noted, Skype dating makes sense "if you're not sure you want to drop $100 on dinner, it's a good way to go." Thanks, Ry.

So, would you Skype date? Or is it way too weird? Tell us in the comments. And if you think I should go on a real-life date with Ryan, you can vote for me on Glamour's site this Friday ...

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Julie Gerstein is the associate editor of Lemondrop.