Got a two-timer on your hands? We're blowing the cover on beauty products that go undercover as double agents with dual uses.

Normal Use: Razor Burn Healer
Secret Use: Zit Zapper
Most razor burn and bump soothers are a blend of cooling agents and salicylic acid, which speeds cell turnover. These potions are formulated to dramatically reduce inflammation, redness, and calm even the most irritated spots -- perf for bringing bikini lines and blemishes under control in a hurry.

Normal Use: Clear Mascara
Secret Use: Brow Tamer
You want full, fat fringe, but without the drama of raccoon-eyed smudging, so you pick clear mascara. Smooth move -- now slick the wand over your brows to keep them groomed and glam.

Normal Use: Liquid Bronzer
Secret Use: Hair Highlighter
When applied in all the right places, that bottle of liquid gold shimmer makes you look like you just got back from St. Tropez via private jet. But try this trick: Run a little through your hair for commitment-free highlights, paying extra attention to the hair around your face.

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Normal Use: Face Cleanser
Secret Use: Lingerie Wash
Got a gentle yet effective face wash you rely on for rinsing the day away? Let's hope your face gets used to sharing. Fill up your sink, add a few drops of your cleanser, and let delicate underthings soak.

Normal Use:
Hand Lotion
Secret Use: Frizz Fighter
Especially in the summer, hand lotion is a must-have for combating heat waves. But did you know it can tame tresses, too? Apply it to the tips of hair not only to smooth, but give a piece-y texture to hair. Then use a little around your hairline to KO frizz and flyaways.

Normal Use:
Secret Use: Perfume
Deodorant does wonders to keep you from stinking up the place, but it can also make you smell like a dream. Deodorants with fresh and flowery scents can save you from needing to spend a ton on a scent. Plus, some deodorant companies now make corresponding body sprays -- and that ain't the pits at all.