Has the boss been pissing you off? Exhausted by the impending nuclear standoff with North Korea? Well, we've got the perfect way to get your mind off those or any other anxieties that may be plaguing you. After all, how can you be tense when you're looking at these wittle sweepy baby animals?!?!

Now if you'll excuse us, we need a nap.

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Animals Yawning

    "Oh, what's that? I'm am NOT tired! Geez. I'm just exercising my mouth muscles!"

    Flitting between both the big cats and the small cats was exhausting for Bob.

    Skippy practiced good dental hygiene and always made sure to floss his fangs before bedtime.

    "You should have seen me before I started working out. I shopped in the "husky" department, I tell you."

    Christian was not tired, merely "so over" his collared shirt. How terribly last season.

    "Been on this porch chair all day. Nothing happens. Boringsville. Where's my tail?"

    Bernard was tired of everyone running the other way when they saw him. "Superstitions my ass," he yawned.

    Tiny pup. Tinier yawn.

    Willie debuted as the petulant Bee in the Clark County Plays and Players' interpretation of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas as performed by animals playing other animals, and was exhausted after opening night.

    Donkey Kong? Nah. Donkey yawn.