Jeez Louise, we couldn't even share a hairbrush with our sisters. But two sisters in Utah are somehow capable of sharing a husband.

Katie and Priscilla Churcher share a husband, Travis, and they say it's great for their personal lives. After all, they only have to spend half as much time as normal doting on their husband, which gives them more time to hang out with friends, and there's always a babysitter when they go on a date.

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All three of them were raised in Fundamentalist Mormon families (Fundamentalists are an offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who practice polygamy), so when Katie and Travis were married, they discussed the possibility of having plural wives in the family.

After a few years, Travis began wooing Priscilla, and she slowly fell in love with him. Since polygamy is illegal, they were married in an unofficial church ceremony, and they now live together in a house, with each of the wives having their own rooms that Travis alternates between.

Although they admit it can be challenging, everybody loves the family dynamic, and they hope that some day laws will change so they can openly practice their religious beliefs.

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