It can be tough to tell whether the guy you're dating is just going through a tough time or if he's a bona fide d-bag. Who can you turn to? Your friends are biased, and your shrink dumped you when you lost your insurance.

Fortunately, we enlisted real-live Jackass Steve-O to give you the reality check based on how you describe your relationship.

After all, love can be just as painful as getting a giant tattoo of yourself on your back.

You tell yourself: "He's just stressed right now, if I stick by him during this time he'll appreciate it."
Steve-O says: That sounds to me like he really doesn't give a crap. Sounds to me like he's over it.

You tell yourself: "No one understands him but me."
Steve-O says: Somebody's delusional.

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You tell yourself: "He's going to go back to school/get a job/quit drinking soon, I'll still be here when he gets his act together."
Steve-O says: Actions speak louder than words.

You tell yourself: "He needs me to get through the day, so there's no way that he'll cheat on me!"
Steve-O says: Haha. Um, sure. Sounds great.

You tell yourself: "It's not just about sex."
Steve-O says: Um, the sex must be not be that great.

You tell yourself: "He's not late in a rude way. He just has his own sense of space and time."
Steve-O says: He's walking all over you.

You tell yourself: "His friends love having me around. I'm just like one of the guys!"
Steve-O says: Uh-oh. I don't want to be offensive.

You tell yourself: "He said he'd take ballroom dancing lessons! He's committed!"
Steve-O says: Ha ha ha. Sounds like he really likes you.

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