Making a statement through your threads works most of the time. Like encouraging people to vote. Or showing off your baby bump. But there are always exceptions. For instance -- these 11 absurd articles of clothing.

Under no circumstance (except a tasteless T-shirt party) can we imagine men actually donning the following monstrosities. And yet, frighteningly enough, they actually do. Like, for real. Whether it's to draw attention to oneself or to simply be that guy, we're unsure. All we know is we'd rather dudes wear a fake overall shirt than sport these duds.

After the jump, check out the most lady-offending threads the Internet has to offer and prepare to groan.

This is about as funny as the time our kitten got run over.

We admit, the 2 Girls 1 Cup chicks didn't do themselves any favors. But who was the sicko marketing genius behind this one?

We'll take a rain check, thanks.

No. Condoms kill sperm. So we don't have to worry about you being a deadbeat dad. And what's up with the police badge -- are you the sheriff of Chlamydia Town?

Might be more important to, you know, support your family, bra.

We've seen way too many episodes of TLC's 'A Wedding Story' not to know this tough-guy front is a facade.

Do we look like June Cleaver to you? Didn't think so.

Know what else bitches hate? Unclever, sloganed shirts.

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing.

Newsflash, frat boy: Most men like girls with some meat on their bones.

So do we, but your chance of meeting a friendly one are definitely decreased by wearing this T-shirt.