When former NFL star Steve McNair was shot to death by his 20-year-old mistress, his wife and mother of his four children claimed she knew nothing about his infidelity. But after reading The Secret Code of Sports Mistresses, which quotes a CNN statistic that 80 to 90 percent of pro athletes cheat, we wonder if any woman could be totally ignorant of the possibility.

The article outlines the "rules" for sidepiece status, but according to the article, the only rule for athletes who crave something extramarital is "have whatever action you want on the side, but don't go in too deep."

But we don't want to pick on just the athletes -- rock stars and politicians have an equally hard time keeping it in their pants. It has to do with a particular risk-taking trait also responsible for helping them reach a high level of career success. Plus rockers, pols and athletes are constantly traveling and surrounded by new people -- some of whom are "friendlier" than others.

So we all agree that cheating is wrong, but should women who marry highly paid athletes know what they're getting into? Is getting cheated on part of the deal when you say "I do" to a rich and powerful spouse?