Peeing -- we all do it. Several times a day. Most of the time, we probably don't think much about where we tinkle (because it's mostly in our home or workplace). But that doesn't stop our shock and wonder at the sight of a really great bathroom, mostly found in the fanciest of fancy spots worldwide.

Never one to turn down a great restroom, we decided to dig around online to find the best places in the world to do a #1. We hope you'll check it out and add any of your own in the comments section below! Don't forget to mention where the bathroom is, so we can make sure to swing by while we're in town.

Cherry Nightclub, Las Vegas: Here's one time we'd really want to sneak into the boys room. From designer Meile van Schijndel of Bathroom Mania in the Netherlands, both bathrooms also include two-way mirrors.

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