Tell yourself all you want that you decide when to fill Fluffy's food dish. But science says your cat actually calls the shots.

House cats control us with their meows and purrs, according to a report published in Current Biology. Felines finagle us by emitting an "urgent cry or meowing sound embedded within an otherwise pleasant purr" -- something we can't seem to resist.

Giving in to a pet's basic whims is not the only way they run our lives. Read more examples of feline authority run amok after the jump.

One woman on said she tried to write her cat into her wedding vows. Another said she has "made a lot of sacrifices for the safety or approval" of her cats, including not traveling because "it angers Scarlett to be sent to the pet hotel. I also won't have my friend and her son come to my house because my cats don't like her son."

And dudes get puss-whipped, too. A self-proclaimed "280-lb. rugby player who is all big, mean and nasty" said he turns to mush over his kitten, Muffin. "She sleeps with me, follows me around, pouts when I am gone, and loves me as much as I love her."

Endearing! And also creepy? Does the discovery of this Jedi-meow trick means we should we all be gearing up for the feline takeover?