Maybe you have rock-hard abs, a fabulous ego and not a inch of cellulite in sight. Maybe. But chances are that even if that's true, you still have some concerns about your body. Cue the dreaded bathing-suit season!

Shopping for a swimsuit is stressful trip for most, especially when you're searching during a season filled with swimsuit disasters -- like this year, what with the onslaught of fringe, metallic and cutout suits. Really? Cutout bathing suits? We don't care if you're freaking Heidi Klum, it's not a good look.

But don't worry, fair Lemondrop readers. We've sussed out the slutty for you, with a lot of help from, who have been cataloging the ugly all summer. Check out our gallery of the worst swimsuits of the season, avoid them at all costs.,feedConfig,entry&id=655067&pid=655066&uts=1247164864
Worst Swimsuits of the Summer
Ill-fitting and itchy-looking -- a losing combination.
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Worst Swimsuits of 2009

    Uncomfy, unflattering, weird tan lines... who thought this was a good idea?

    OMFG!! Is this what a bikini looks like!?

    What's happening here? One pair of bottoms wasn't enough?

    What happens when you have to pee? And don't you dare say you go in the ocean...

    It's Baby Phat. What were you expecting?

    Leave the crocheting to scarfs, okay?

    If you can believe it, this heinous suit was designed by the amazing Chloe! What a fashion letdown.

    This monstrosity costs 182 pounds! You can keep it, UK.

    Of course, this one costs 440 pounds, so maybe we'll take that futuristic silver getup afterall.

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