For every Aunt Mabel who swears that some Preparation-H/olive-oil/hazelnut-shell concoction makes you prettier, there's a makeup artist or MD shaking her head in dismay. Here's some off-base beauty wisdom that you might be falling for, and how to save face by ditching it from your routine.

Myth: You should test makeup shades on your inner wrist.

You're at risk of rocking a two-tone look. That spot is one of the lightest on your body, so you may end up with too strong of a contrast with the skin on your face, especially in the summer. Swipe colors on your jaw line instead so you can easily compare to your chest as well.

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Myth: It's OK to remove eye makeup in the morning.
You could lose those pretty little lashes. Mascara clogs your follicles, and the hairs end up breaking or falling out as a result. Take it all off before you sleep, and try not to rub your lashes when you're removing it.

Myth: Organic formulas guarantee there's nothing weird in 'em.
While organic is good in theory -- e.g., mineral makeup is better if its ingredients are all-natural -- the government doesn't regulate these types of beauty products. So even if you want to support green indie businesses, products from big companies might be a better bet. They rigorously test their stuff and weed out potentially harmful chemicals because they have too much at stake PR-wise to have women across the country breaking out in rashes. No matter what you wear, though, read labels carefully and run any questionable ingredients by your doc.

Myth: You should throw out your makeup every three months.

You must really hate money. Except for mascara, which should be tossed about that often, you can usually hang on to blushes, lipsticks and the like unless they smell funny or change consistency or color. Check the product's bottom for an expiration date if you're unsure.

Myth: You should wash your makeup brushes every few months.
Sure, you're probably doing it more than the average person. Still, it's not enough to keep them in top condition. Give them a good shampoo every week so application stays smooth, and the color of your products remains vibrant.