A seventh-grade girl from Merced, Calif., has filed a lawsuit against her K-8 school for being forced to change out of her pro-life T-shirt.

It was "National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day" (who knew?) and the girl didn't even get to finish her breakfast before being sent to the principal's office. Tossing that breakfast corn dog into the trash can was probably the best part of her day, because after that she was "forcibly escorted" to the office and told to change her shirt, which had some pictures of developing fetuses (feti?) on it, along with the charming slogan "Abortion growing ... growing ... gone."

She thinks her rights to freedom of speech were violated; the school says the shirt would have been disruptive towards the learning process.

A federal judge in Minnesota has already ruled that students should be able to wear pro-life slogans, but what do you think? Should pro-life or pro-choice propaganda be allowed in schools?