After a day of stepping barefoot on sharp little toy trucks and bending over approximately 27,000 times to grab small items, what some moms need is a good stiff drink.

More and more moms are coming out of the closet clutching cosmopolitans and wearing lampshades on their heads. A whole culture of women who have kids and a fondness for daiquiris has sprung up on the internet, with blogs like Mommy Wants Vodka and Why Mom Drinks Rum supporting the cause.

There's also the awkwardly named Facebook group "Moms-who-sometimes-need-to-go-out-with-girlfriends-&-drink Secret Society," which grew to almost 200,000 members in three months.

Hmm, nobody's writing trend stories about all the dads drinking beer in their La-Z-Boys night after night. As long as moms aren't getting "Mommie Dearest" drunk and chopping down bushes in the middle of the night, is there anything unusual about tossing back a few after 16 hours of wrestling toddlers and folding underpants?