Everybody loves a bargain, but we firmly believe that there are some things you shouldn't skimp on: shoes, tattoos and definitely plastic surgery. An East Bay, Calif., woman reportedly suffered complications after performing the latter on herself.

The 54-year-old woman declined to give her name, but told reporters that she ordered a $10 vial of liquid silicone online and injected it into her lips and cheeks a month ago after a visit to a plastic surgeon.

She underwent corrective surgery to undo the red, inflamed results of her DIY project. But since doctors aren't totally sure what she injected, they said it could take multiple procedures to fix.

Unfortunately, plastic surgeon Steven Williams says she's not the only person to attempt cosmetic procedures on themselves.

Williams' office has seen an increase in people with botched DIY surgeries, and he suggests this might be because of the economy and the misguided idea that plastic surgery is somehow foolproof.

Our (totally unscientific) conclusion? Don't try this at home.

Now really, if you're hurting that bad to perk up your life, take a tip from one of the articles in our series "Break out of the Blah." None of them will hurt as bad as DIY plastic surgery.