Lemondrop Tests: Does the PedEgg keep your feet smooth?

Despite its "As Seen on TV" billing, the PedEgg can be picked up everywhere. The premise: 100-plus micro-files scrape down everything you hate about your feet (dead skin, calluses), revealing smooth, baby-soft tootsies. Bonus: There isn't even any mess -- the PedEgg automatically collects your freshly shaved flesh in a tidy, no-spill container.

It seemed too easy. As a girl bent on finding all of life's shortcuts, I picked one up and went to town on the barnacles clinging to my toes and heels.

I learned the hard way (hard, as in Band-Aid-requiring) that the PedEgg's claim to "gently file off" is really a violent euphemism for "literally slice calluses off like bacon from your little piggies." A prison-grade shiv would offer less blunt-force trauma than this.

Under two hours after use, I had indeed removed all traces of dead skin, but could also barely walk. Trying to smoosh my sore, swollen, bleeding and sensitive toes into shoes would have been as successful as getting myself to the moon. It only took one use for me to decide that maybe calluses aren't so bad after all. No, they don't look cute with sandals ... but then, neither do open wounds.

$10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling
Rating: 1 out of 5 ShamWows

Jenny Muller is a beauty writer living in San Francisco.

What Your Walk Reveals

    Ever wonder what people think when they see you walking down the street? The answer may be more revealing than you'd expect. Body language expert Kevin Hogan, Pys.D., and author of Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism, (KevinHogan.com) fills us in.

    thebigdurian, Flickr

    You're Innocent (Ha!)
    When you hold your hands together in front of you, creating a V-shape, you come across as open and slightly innocent. You'll draw people to you with this inviting stance and some may even feel protective of you.

    jpellgen, Flickr

    You're in Charge
    Got a long stride and eyes that stay focused on your destination? No one will mistake you as a wallflower with this walk. Here, you are broadcasting that you know where you're going, like things your way, and have confidence to spare.

    CellPhoneSusie, Flickr

    You're Nervous
    Tucking your hair behind your ears, scratching your nose, or rubbing your arms makes you look anxious. Fiddling may just be an old habit to you, but those watching you will think you're nervous and maybe even dishonest.

    Suzba, Flickr

    You're on the Warpath
    You may be trying to do a sexy, runway walk, but keeping your hands on your hips achieves exactly the opposite. Others will perceive you as hostile and super aggressive. You'll come across much hotter if you keep your shoulders back and arms at your side.

    christopherl, Flickr

    You're Blazing-Hot in Bed
    A recent study found that you (er, scientists at least) can infer a woman's potential for vaginal orgasms by the way she walks. It sounds crazy, but according to the research-published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine- a woman with an energetic, fluid stride climaxes more often than someone with a shorter stride. (This gives new meaning to the phrase "pep in your step"!)

    thepolitegirls, Flickr

    You're a Multi-Tasker
    A fast walker who's on her phone or searching through her bag has a "back-off" vibe. You're probably just trying to make the most of your time, but you're sending a serious unapproachable signal. Lose the speediness and continue to use your phone or look through your purse and you'll be seen as much more welcoming.

    chrisjohnbeckett, Flickr

    You're Knock-Upabble
    According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Medicine that used motion-capture technology, women walk slightly differently when they're ovulating. Researchers then showed men clips of women walking and had them rate their attractiveness, and found that men were actually more attracted to the women who weren't in their fertile phase.

    Springsun, Flickr

    You're Gritting Your Teeth
    A stiff upper body and arms that don't move broadcast that you're feeling tense. You may just have something on your mind, but those around you will perceive you as being pissed or uncomfortable. For a more natural look, lower your shoulders and gently swing your arms as you stride.

    Daniel Morris, Flickr

    You're a Free Spirit
    Being a slowpoke shows that you live in a world of your own. You're not concerned with keeping up with those around you and take your time to do things exactly how you want – relaxed and unhurried. Those with short, leisurely strides fall into the same category.

    lisatozzi, Flickr