It's no big surprise to us that men are a lot more narrow-minded about who turns them on than women. According to a new study in which participants rated photographs for attractiveness, women differ among themselves about what they find attractive.

However, men are a unified front: They're all holding out for Megan Fox in their fantasies and their real life. At least that's what we gleaned from reading this, the most depressing sentence ever written:

"Men's judgments of women's attractiveness were based primarily around physical features, and they rated highly those who looked thin and seductive." Great, 'cause we needed science to tell us that guys all swarm like bees to the thin, busty, blonde girl in the bar.

On the other hand, some women gave high attractiveness ratings to the men other women said were not attractive at all. We guess that's why you see so many hot chicks with ugly boyfriends and never see it the other way around.