Can a woman be a douche? According to comedian Christian Finnegan, no. He recently told our brother site Asylum: "Calling a woman a douchebag ... is like telling an Obama joke -- you can do it, but it's not going to feel very satisfying."

We, however, respectfully disagree. It's possible to be a wiener without actually having one. Here are 12 lady douchebags chosen by our friends, readers and staff:

Kate Gosselin: "For over 100 episodes Kate Gosselin has been giving women (especially those who rock asymmetrical haircuts) a bad name," says Nicole of "She emasculates her husband, gives her children the sweatshop treatment, and on a whole seems more interested in herself than those around her."

Gwyneth Paltrow: "Surely there were other reasons to find Gwyneth douchey before she founded her lifestyle site," say Heather and Jessica of the amazing "But it has overshadowed them all. Only someone with a raging superiority complex and no self-awareness whatsoever would decide she and ONLY she can 'nourish the inner aspect' of our souls by sharing her very favorite bruschetta recipe (bread, oil, and salt -- for real) and referring to her friend 'William Joel,' when the rest of humanity just calls him 'Billy.' Someone should have stuck to acting."

More lady douches after the jump. Plus, your chance to vote on Who's a Bigger Lady D -- Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox?

Sienna Miller: "She's a home-wrecking hussy who can't act," writes our own Lauren Fritsky. "She needs to stop stealing people's husbands and get some self-esteem."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "She's a rambling douchebag," says Sandra Deane of AOL TV. "She's a stubborn, malicious woman who can't express her opinions with respect for others, and her feeble intellect crumbles under the weight of her more seasoned, knowledgeable co-hosts on 'The View' (Sherri Shepherd notwithstanding)." John from agrees: "Whatshername, the [redacted but apt term meaning 'mentally deficient'] from 'The View?' She's all Christian and conservative."

Vicki Gunvalson ("The Real Housewives of Orange County"): "She's overbearing, she's rude, she's an annoying drunk, and she was seriously hit with the ugly stick (even all that plastic surgery isn't helping)," writes Lauren of "I'm all for women making themselves successful, but her 'I'm always right and everything you do is wrong' attitude makes us all look bad."

Female Penguins: "Not only do lady penguins brazenly attempt to steal the young of other lady penguins, but they leave the males huddled around the eggs on the frozen tundra while they gallivant off to the ocean to gorge themselves on a 24-hour seafood buffet,," writes Susie Felber of Dumb As a Blog. "Is it any wonder why so many guy penguins go gay? No. Lady penguins are, without a doubt, total d-bags. That said, in my next life, I totally want to come back as a lady penguin. Sounds awesome."