Small and furry animals generally warrant lots of awwws. Unfortunately, there are exceptions. Like these newborns. In their cases, it's like the almighty zoo gods passed right on over them when they were handing out the fuzzy and cute labels.

Let's just say, if the critters were celebs, they'd be the Marilyn Mansons and Courtney Loves. If they were cars, they'd be mini-vans and beaters.

After the jump, check out nine baby animals we won't be seeing in a children's petting zoo anytime soon.

Baby Naked Mole Rat

As if being a rat isn't bad enough, they were blessed with the unfortunate-ness of being nearly blind and having no hair. Couldn't somebody have cut them a break? They're even scarier than those furless cats.

Baby Panda

We don't feel that bad for these dudes. Lucky for them, their ugly phase is very short-lived. As soon as they develop important stuff like, well, eyes and that gorgeous black & white fur, it's insta-cute.

Baby Aye-Aye

Ahhhhh, what the hell is this thing? A bat? A gremlin? Apparently, it's an aye-aye, a primate with rodent teeth and hella-ugly everything else. Researchers say that ayes-ayes are solitary creatures. Um, one guess why.

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