In the general category of "OMG," this Belgian teenager supposedly fell asleep while getting her face tattooed and woke up to 56 Rihanna-style stars on her face. Now, she's suing the tattoo artist, claiming he misunderstood her. The artist counters that Starface is only peeved because her boyfriend dumped her after seeing the monstrosity.

Um, how do you "doze off" while getting your face inked? Getting a tattoo isn't like going to the meditation room at the Four Seasons. It's loud. There's drilling. It also hurts. A lot. Lastly, it's your face.

Plus, getting tattoos removed hurts almost as bad, leaves scars and takes ages, so there's no real (laser) light at the end of this tunnel.

Regardless of who's telling the truth, the lesson here is that when you're permanently inking something on your bod, it's your responsibility to stay awake to make sure the tattoo artist doesn't "misunderstand" anything.

Did this chick get a raw deal or just lack common sense?

Update: The little lady finally admitted that she lied and knew all along what the artist was doing. We knew it!

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