You know you've got a keeper when your date is game to split pretty much any food your heart desires.

But love is not built on squid pad thai alone. In fact, there's a reason Olivia Newton-John crowed about the virtues of getting physical -- outdoorsy, sporty dates can be kind of a turn on. Get your heart racing in more ways than one with these healthier alternatives to the dinner-and-a-movie date routine.

1. Bring a badminton set along on a picnic. You'll burn at least 10 calories from laughing at the word shuttlecock.

2. Hit a mini-golf course.

3. Go on a "gallery hop" of cool art exhibitions. (Bonus: They often have free wine at these things. Oh wait, we're trying to be healthy. Carry on.)

4. Play handball on a free public court. Remind him this does not guarantee other "hand" activities later on.

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5. Go inline skating on the streets of a neighboring town you've never explored before.

6. Walk local scenic bridges or boardwalks together.

7. Wander through a park of roses or botanical garden.

8. Take a paddle-ball set and kite to the beach.

9. Go strawberry or blueberry picking

10. Use free public kayaks to tour a city river or rent a rowboat or canoe on a local lake.

11. Have a water balloon fight. White T-shirts optional.

12. Hit balls at batting cages or a driving range.

13. Bike to brunch, then tour some cycling paths.

14. Play the game that sounds like a taboo sex move: Frolf!

15. Get other couples together for a cookout and game of Ultimate.

What's the most off-beat date you've ever been on? Tell us in the comments!