threesomeA few weeks ago we decided that there's nothing wrong with being the other woman -- if you're messing around with a man who has a girl, that's your prerogative. We loved hearing your stories of personal experiences from both sides of the situation, but one reader had a particularly interesting conundrum: Is it cheating if both partners have the same girl?

Marc said: "A few years ago my ex and i would hook up with this girl at different times while also including her [in bed with us] about 2-3 times a month. The reason my ex left me (with a text-message break up) is because she said did not like my sleeping with our mutual bed buddy on my own -- but meanwhile, she was also doing it without letting me know.

"I confronted her but all she told me was it is different cause I am a guy. So is it only cheating [because] I'm a guy? Or should it also be considered cheating for her as well?"

Now, we know asking another girl into your bed can complicate things, but this sounds like a BS double standard to us -- it seems like the girlfriend didn't think the same rules applied to her and her boyfriend. Leave your advice for Marc in the comments.