He Nuzzles Noggins
Leaning in so your heads touch? This guy's completely in love. Feeling connected enough to make cranial contact is a sure sign of emotional intimacy.

He's Giving You a Good-Bye Peck on the Cheek
Not sure if a new guy you're flirting with is into being just friends or something more? Sneak a peek at his hips when he smooches you. If they're angled away, he's not interested, but if they're pointed straight at you or bump against yours, you've got him hooked.

He Spreads Out

A wide stance means he's trying to show you how masculine he truly is. In other words, he's showing off and preening for you. (That, or he's in a men's restroom trolling for trouble.)

He Blocks His Words

Here's an easy way to spot a liar: If a guy is putting his hands in front of his mouth as he talks, he's likely not telling the truth.

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