I have really, really thick hair. (Thanks, Eastern European ancestors!) In fact, when I go to a new hairdresser, she often asks if I've got some kind of crazy weave in. I don't. It's my hair. It's heavy and coarse. Really, really coarse.

I've tried a lot of things to make my mane less poofy and out of control -- gels, mousses and sprays. But a few years ago an especially kind hair colorist introduced me to a hair product that tamed my coarse, crazy locks and made it look shiny and smooth. Kemi Oyl creates a thermal barrier around your locks and helps prevent damage, dryness and split ends. Marketed mainly as "ethnic hair care" oil, no one's really sure what it's made of (industry secret!) but whatever it is, it works! I put a quarter-size amount in directly after a shower and let my hair air dry. The result is locks that feel soft, silky and healthy.

It's hair magic in a bottle. And oh, did I mention it only costs $3.39?