Jezebel recently compiled a fabulous list of 20 Feminist TV Characters, a roundup of kick-ass gals who weren't afraid to fly their feminist flag. But what about the other side of the spectrum?

Whether nauseatingly helpless, entirely dependent on a man for happiness, or desperate for love, money, whatever, what about the gals who've actually set us back? After the jump, we've compiled a list of the 20 Least Feminist TV Characters.

20. Kelly Bundy, "Married With Children" Kelly Bundy is the queen of the stereotypical dumb blonde. And her trick for impressing the opposite sex? Well, sleep with them, of course!
19. Blanche Devereaux, "Golden Girls" An oversexed Southern Belle, Rose comments that, "[Blanche] can't be without a man, if you know what I mean."

Ally McBeal, "Ally McBeal" She'd rather have a man -- any man -- than be alone, God forbid.

Bridget Hennessy, "8 Simple Rules" The dimwitted blonde's interests involve thongs, teenage boys and not much else.
Rachel Green, "Friends" The quintessential spoiled Daddy's girl never met a department store she didn't like.

15. Claire Bennet, "Heroes"
She has the most powerful superhero ability in the world, yet she's always rescued by the opposite sex.

14. Smurfette Smurf, "The Smurfs"
Did you know her existence was created for the sheer purpose of causing jealousy and competition among the male smurfs? Wtf?
13. Kim, "Kath and Kim"
The unintelligent 20-something is unable to fend for herself after splitting with her beau, so she moves back home with ... her mom.

12. Jenna Maroney, "30 Rock"
Despite her desperate and maniacal efforts, Jenna constantly plays second-fiddle to the male star of TGS, Tracy Jordan.

11. Kelly Kapoor, "The Office"
When Ryan the temp dumps her, Kelly feels as though life isn't worth living. Her solution? Like, duh! Become creepily obsessed with another male co-worker!

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