Lucille Bluth, "Arrested Development" Completely dependent on the family's wealth, Lucille could not exist without the material comforts her husband (illegally) provides.
9. Ginger Grant, "Gilligan's Island" Everyone else was concerned about getting off the damn island. Ginger was concerned about doing her hair.

8. June Cleaver, "Leave It to Beaver" Wonder if she's really satisfied that her life revolves around keeping her kitchen spotless for hubby?

Heidi Montag, "The Hills" It's technically reality, but we all know it's scripted. And choosing a tool like Spencer Pratt over a female friendship is a serious enough offense to bend the rules. And the whole 'Speidi' thing? Barf.
6. C.J. Parker, "Baywatch" We know she saves lives and stuff, but the whole running around in a skimpy suit thing really only objectifies women.

5. Diane Chambers, "Cheers"
She relies on bartender Sam to keep her from going batsh*t crazy. Her attempt at independence? Sleeping her way through Europe.

4. Meredith Grey, "Grey's Anatomy"
The majority of her residency is spent mooning over McDreamy. At one point the wishy-washy doc even begs him to choose her. C'mon, Mer.
3. Laurie, "That 70s Show" Her character is merely arm candy for a slew of different men, her family even jokes that she probably has a few bastard children. Heh, heh ... eh.

2. Gabrielle, "Desperate Housewives"
Uh, doesn't the name of the show sort of say it all? Gabrielle's a desperate, money-hungry trophy wife.

1. The Wives, "Big Love"
This one could be argued, but for us polygamy is pretty hard to reconcile with feminism. Not to mention all the squabbling and infighting that goes on between Margene, Barb and Nicki.

Agree? Disagree? Who'd we miss out on?

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