We teamed up with Brides.com to create a poll that lifted the veil on the very, very special relationship between brides and bridesmaids. More than 4,000 of you -- brides and their minions alike -- told us how you really felt about everything from wedding lingerie to reality TV.

We're especially happy with the results, since they confirmed what we sort of suspected -- not all of our engaged girlfriends are raging jerks.

The poll actually found that more brides-to-be (88 percent) were concerned about super-pricey bridesmaids' dresses than bridesmaids (55 percent).

This is the kind of selflessness rarely demonstrated by the reality TV shows that depict brides as shrieking, hysterical messes. Maybe that stereotype is why 62 percent of bridesmaids wouldn't go on a wedding reality show, while only 37 percent of brides say "no way." (Maybe they're hoping to cut costs with some produce placement.)

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The Bachelorette Party: Both brides and bridesmaids eschewed travel in favor of staying in the bride's hometown for the bachelorette party. Good thinking: more money for firemen strippers.

Celebrity Bridesmaid:
Trumping Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Tina Fey and other female celebs, Reese Witherspoon was the ideal celebrity bridesmaid among brides-to-be and maids alike. (Perhaps we should have mentioned that bridesmaids do not get to have sex with Jake Gyllenhaal.)

Fantasy Celebrity Wedding: Brides would most like to replicate Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's backyard ceremony, while bridesmaids preferred Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's beach nuptials. Why would J. Lo get married anywhere else, when she has that huge backyard?

Attack of the Bridezillas! 1 in 5 bridesmaids think the bride-to-be's "bridezilla" tendencies are ultimately going to tarnish their bond post-nuptials (doi) compared to almost 95 percent of brides who thought that their relationship would be the same or stronger. (Sometimes, friendship is about nodding and smiling.)

Tell us! How did your relationship with your best friend change when you were her bridesmaid (or vice versa)?