At the unfortunate end of an engagement (or marriage), there's always the question of what to do with the ring, which can lurk around the back of a sock drawer and remind you of your ultimate rejection forever.

Formerly betrothed New Zealander Anthony Gardiner is having a treasure hunt via Twitter to get rid of his no-longer-needed engagement ring, valued at over $3,000. He's hoping he's helping somebody who can't afford such a nice ring show their significant other how much they care.

But what about when you're the recipient rather than the giver of the ring? After the jump, debate the best way to deal with an unwanted engagement ring or other jewelry memorializing a dead relationship.

Return It: OK, some people would say that the right thing to do is return expensive jewelry to the giver, especially if the breakup was your choice. Those people are far more mature than we are.

Keep It: As a nice memento of your relationship that never makes you feel judged, blamed or irate.

Resell It: There's always the local pawn shop, and Web sites like I Do Now I Don't specialize in reselling unwanted rings.

Bury It: Check out the Wedding Ring Coffin for the not-too-subtle.

Reinvent It: Most jewelers will melt down your shame jewelry into something new and not tarnished by failed love. Or if you're really bitter, you could take it to Goddammo and get it turned into a bullet.

What do you think the best thing to do with an unwanted wedding ring is?