When it comes to smooching, you either got it or you don't. And while we all assume we got it, unfortunately there are many men out there who don't. So we asked some girls to spill their most memorable worst kiss moments they all wish they could forget:

The your-breath-smells-like-ass kiss

"My worst kiss definitely had to be with this kid Ron," said Taylor, 19. "He didn't open his mouth up wide enough and his breath was wretched. His tongue barely left his mouth, leaving me to do most of the work! Then months later we kissed again, me figuring maybe he just ate something stank that day and he was nervous so he kissed horribly. I was wrong, his breath was still gross, and the kiss was still below average. Anytime I saw him after that I avoided flirting and steered clear of close of contact so he wouldn't try for a third."

The momentary-lapse-of-judgment kiss

"I was around 17 and had been drinking quite a lot one night at a girlfriend's house party," said Caroline, 20. "I was sitting on the couch with this ugly emo kid, and I have no idea how it happened, but we started making out. My friend literally yelled, 'Caroline, do you know who you are kissing right now?!' I stopped dead, looked him in the face and walked away. The worst part being I had to see him in chemistry that Monday morning at school."

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The metal-mouthed kiss
"My worst kiss was probably my first kiss ever because I had a jaw expander that you tightened with a key stuck to the roof of my mouth," said Meg, 23. "Once he figured out something was up there it was fine but it was so awkward waiting for his initial reaction!"

"My first kiss was hands down, my worst," said Kristina 25. "I was so anxious and nervous because it was with this boy I had been obsessing over, that I forgot to take out the elastics that were attached to my braces. When the hardcore making out started, I could barely open my mouth, causing him to slobber all over my face. I was less than impressed and thought if that was what kissing was, I was fine without it!"

The it-was-so-bad-you now-have-a-nickname kiss
"I was on a road trip to West Virginia and I needed a bed to sleep in," said Shannon, 23. "The boy was cute enough and around bed time he started to make moves. We had been making out for a little bit when all of a sudden he puts his tongue in my mouth, lays it there for a few seconds then starts flicking it up and down, hitting the roof of my mouth and top of my tongue frequently in short periods of time. I immediately shoved him off of me, turned over and passed out. Unfortunately for the boy, not only has he gone through 20 years of life without some girl saying what the hell are you doing, he happened to try this maneuver with me just as the movie 'Flicka' was released in movie theaters, consequently leading to my roommates nicknaming him after the horse in the movie."

The I-can't-believe-I-fell-for-that-pick-up-line kiss

"My worst kiss was with a grown man who's line 'I hear we are going to make out tonight, wanna make out?' kicked off our make-out behind the college dive bar," said Danielle, 24. "Halfway through the back of the alley make-out he stops and says, 'Stop kissing me I'm trying to bite your lip.' I awkwardly laughed in his face and turned around to go back to hang out with my friends. Then, the next time I saw him at the same bar, he was standing in a group of people and shouts, 'That girl is really good at making out,' as he points to me. Not OK!"

The my-lip-is-not-a-snack kiss

"I was abroad in Spain when this Spanish guy I made out with nearly bit off my lower lip," said Ashley, 22. "He was biting it so hard that it felt like he had daggers for teeth, and my mouth was sore for the next couple of days. A little bit of roughness is hot, but I don't want to have to get stitches after I'm done kissing you!"

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