Finally, a study proving that chicks get math just as well dudes do. But we didn't need to hear that the percentage of U.S. doctorates in mathematical sciences awarded to women has climbed 30 percent or that girls in high school are now taking calculus at the same rate as boys to figure that out.

Find out why we already knew girls are good at math after the jump.

The tip for the chicken salad we ordered for lunch? Easy. How many calories we'd consume if we were to eat three of those chicken salads? Can calculate that in five seconds. The price of our adorable T-back dress after a 25 percent discount? More than the full-price version at Target.

Beyond the frivolous, most women juggle the day-to-day details of life and household management, which means that they're constantly using math for things like grocery shopping, budgeting and even cooking.

These computations aren't exactly calculus, but the point is gals aren't as math-challenged as we've been made out to be. Sure, sometimes we only use it when we need to (sales, diets, etc.), but we use it nonetheless. And let's not forget the lady brainiacs out there who really can do rocket science off the top of their heads.

Why do people think ladies aren't as math-savvy as men?