The term lunch hour is cruelly misleading, since hardly anybody gets a full 60 minutes anymore.

But if you take just a half-hour during the day and spend it on yourself with one of these ideas, you'll feel like you actually got in some you-time for once ... in less time than it takes to buy a latte.

1. Loosen up. Get a 15-minute massage at a nearby nail salon.

2. Tone up in your seat. Watch a "desk yoga" or 15-minute-abs video online that won't require a shower afterward.

3. Head outside. Try a new street food, hit the park and people-watch. If there's no expanse of green near you, churches often have serene garden spaces open to the public.

4. Check out some art ... even if it's artwork in a coffee shop or an office building. Banks, in particular, often purchase or commission interesting pieces by local artists.

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5. Go on a date. Really! Whether it's a guy you met through an online dating service, or in the dry-cleaning line, there's way less pressure at a midday coffee meet-up. And, if he's a dud, you're only there for fifteen minutes anyway. Who knows ... maybe you'll even fall in love!

6. Listen to a book on tape. You can also start a book club with co-workers where you discuss a new one every few weeks in your break room.

7. Hand-write "thinking of you" postcards to friends you'd normally talk to via Facebook or e-mail.

8. Have a potluck with your co-workers featuring a new theme or type of ethnic food each week.

9. Be a foodie. Head into a wine, cheese or chocolate shop, and ask the salesperson what's new and exciting.

10. Take the stairs. You can burn about 120 calories in 10 minutes without getting sweaty.

11. Find a new favorite show. Why wait for next week to see "Nurse Jackie?" AOL Video, networks, iTunes and Hulu post pilots of series starting next season online. Or, catch up on the shows you missed this spring.

12. Take a nap. It was a good idea in preschool and it still is -- even if you just close your eyes for fifteen minutes.

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