Some other lady sites seem excited about the recent trend in razor advertising typified by this Gillette video that encourages men to "trim the bush to make the tree look taller." I, however, would like to come out firmly against male pube-shaving.

See the video and read my argument after the jump.

I'm a pretty progressive lady, but there are some tenants of manliness as classic and honored as the white undershirt -- men should drink beer, take 30 minutes or less to get ready to go out and for God's sake leave your balls as God made them. I generally like to keep my laws off other people's bodies, but a smooth, hairless sack is not only unnatural, it makes the whole apparatus vaguely resemble a rubber chicken.

And whose advice would you rather take on pubic maintenance -- Gillette's, or that of a woman who might actually want to touch your hairy plums?