A sexy movie kiss can make you believe in love -- or at least chemistry -- again. A bad one will make you shudder in horror and awkwardness, wishing for it to just be over.

We've compiled some of our favorite on-screen smooches -- along with some of the most squirm-worthy lip locks -- for your perusal. Check out our gallery and let us know which ones you think we've missed in the comments.

The 11 Best (and Worst) Screen Kisses

    BEST: Atonement
    What's better than making out with James MacAvoy in a tuxedo? Getting railed by him in a library, that's what.

    BEST: True Romance
    Before Christian Slater shot his face full of crap (what is that??? Cooking oil? Botox?) he was having sexy makeouts in phone booths. Well played, Patricia Arquette.

    BEST: Brokeback Mountain
    HEATH! Why would the angels take you from us??? Why not Devin Sawa?

    BEST: Gone With the Wind
    "You need to be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how." -Rhett Butlet ('nuff said.)

    BEST: Last of the Mohicans
    The only thing that could take the sting out of losing Uncas? A steamy waterfall makeout.

    BEST: Mulholland Drive
    Because the next best thing to making out with yourself is making out with a hot chick who looks just like you.

    BEST: The Princess Bride
    Westley fought a giant, a genius, and MANDY PATINKIN for this kiss. Sean Penn, you're a prize a-hole.

    BEST: Romeo + Juliet Baz Luhrmann doesn't halfass ANYTHING. Makeouts included.

    Spiderman We tried to re-create this famous upside-down kiss, but we fell off our boyfriend's bunk bed and woke up him mom.

    BEST: The Notebook
    Ryan, Rachel. Would you two do the world a favor and GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY?