I've used Twitter to find a restaurant recommendation, a mindless celebrity update or a few moments of procrastination ... but a boyfriend?

You can't post much of a personal profile in 140 characters, but a few people -- and, naturally, companies looking to cash in on the Twitter craze -- are starting to Tweet their ways to romance.

"I have met a few people through tweeting and, to be honest, those people are FAR higher quality than online dating sites, mostly because these people are out there just being themselves," says "Jane" the blogger behind Average Jane. "If our paths cross, if our conversations mingle, then it's much more organic."

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Jane met one of her followers because he had an extra ticket for a concert she was dying to attend. They've kept in touch and even though Jane decided it wasn't meant to be (he lives outside her area), she's optimistic about Twitter as a tool for dating.

"Meeting people organically has become so difficult, perhaps because we spend so much time at home online," she adds. "But I think something like Twitter, where it's a community of sorts but just online, creates as organic an experience as possible."

Dating in the Digital Age
Naturally there's a new dating site out there for just this -- Radaroo.com. Users send @radaroo a tweet with their own gender and the gender they're looking for, the zip code, and favorite first date activities. Then Radaroo adds those users to their directory and allows other users to sort by zip code.

You can also have Radaroo anonymously ask another Twitter user if they're single. (I tried this for kicks, and the guy never responded!)

When I last checked, there were about a hundred singles listed on Radaroo and a disappointing number of them had no photo. Radaroo's founder told me he doesn't know of any tweeple who have taken their romance offline ... yet.

There's also TweetLove (which aggregates tweets from potentially single tweeple), Beshertweet (aggregates tweets from Jewish singles), and 140Love (which uses an algorithm to match users based on their answers to several questions).

Tell us! Would you date someone you found on Twitter? And is it really that different from joining an online dating site?

Susan Johnston is a writer/blogger in Boston who met her boyfriend the "old-fashioned way" -- match.com. Follow her Tweets at @UrbanMuseWriter.