It's Memorial Day, and we hope you're somewhere outside enjoying a barbecue with friends and family. But just in case you're stuck inside on this holiday, we've got some fun timekillers for you to play with. Go crazy, and then get outside, OK?

Amazing and Addictive Timekillers

    Burst Bubbles
    With one click, set off a chain reaction that bursts as many bubbles as possible. Get started now


    Make Faces
    Hit any part of the face to shuffle to someone else's feature. Get started now


    Build a House
    Follow a few simple directions to draw a house, then answer some questions about it to learn important things about your personality. Get started now

    Draw a House

    Set Up Dominoes
    Set up and knock down your own game over... and over... and over. Get started now


    Find People
    The concept is the same as classic Waldo -- track down a specific person within a huge crowd. Get started now

    Alan Outten

    Create Museum Art
    Upload a photo from anywhere, choose a museum setting and instantly see the two combined.Get started now


    Toss a Ball
    Use your mouse to steer the ball from person to person -- it actually takes a bit of eye-hand coordination.Get started now

    Pretend it's Winter
    Draw a snowflake with a kaleidoscope-like tool, then use two different rotating functions to enhance the wintry fun.Get started now

    Ze Frank

    Make Over Mr. T
    Use this virtual playset to give the tough guy a new look.Get started now

    Ironic Sans

    Knit a Christmas Sweater
    Choose from tons of different decorations to create your own wintry woolen masterpiece.Get started now