flickr cayusaWe all know cheating's bad. But what about when you're single and your partner isn't?

After Lauren at CollegeCandy found herself hooking up with a guy with a girlfriend, she said, "I can't stop wondering if stopping this sex train was my responsibility. Should I have walked away?"

Simply put: Nope. I've found myself in this situation once or twice, and I've decided, eh, not my problem. I'm not the one in a relationship, I'm not supposed to be faithful to someone, and it is not my responsibility to keep this guy faithful -- unless there's a ring on it, there's no home to be wrecked, just a lease.

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In Lauren's case, it's not until she's back at the dude's apartment surrounded by couple-y photos that she realizes she's about to help him commit an act of adultery. She writes:

I didn't know what to do. I mean -- he had a freaking GIRLFRIEND. What if that was me? What if my boyfriend was out picking up girls? But at the same time, he hit on me. He pursued me. This was his choice, not mine.

And he was such a good kisser.

Whether it's a full-fledged affair or a random hook-up, there's usually a point before getting hot n' heavy with an attached guy when you ask yourself, What am I doing? Am I bad person? But while benevolence is kind, you don't "owe it" to your fellow female to keep her man in check.

The only thing a girl who's about to screw around with an unavailable man is responsible for is herself. There's a key word to keep in mind, however: unavailable. Don't kid yourself into thinking this is something it isn't. Nix the "this was his choice, not mine" attitude because you most definitely do have a choice in the matter, and it's up to you to be honest about what you're choosing. If you are looking for a "good kisser" for the night, wrap it up (you know he doesn't take exclusivity seriously) and get it on. But if you're doing it to try to win him over, you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

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