Meet Elizabeth, the dark-haired beauty behind the smart and hilariously funny fashion blog White Lightning. Why do we like White Lightning so much? Maybe it's because the site is imbued with the perfect balance of frivolity and fashion know-how -- and Elizabeth's engaging personality adds the perfect amount of sass. Plus, she's a huge "Gossip Girl" fan, so of course we had to feature her.

Elizabeth was kind enough to give us a peek into her wardrobe and show us some of her most coveted pieces. Click on the gallery below to check out her awesome style.

Closet Fever -- Elizabeth of White Lightning Blog

    Meet Elizabeth, the dark-haired beauty behind the smart and funny fashion blog White Lightning. Elizabeth, who lives in an "overstuffed and undersized 4th floor walk-up on the Lower East Side" in Manhattan, works as a design editor at a magazine, and enjoys spending her days wandering around the city or plopped on her best friend's couch.

    Check out her great fashion finds.

    Your favorite clothing item: Choosing one thing is virtually impossible, I'm a maximalist! Here are a few things that if lost/destroyed, would cause hot salty tears to flow freely:

    1. Built by Wendy hockey jersey shirt with the Marcel Dzama illustration

    2. 1980s plastic charms charm necklace (still need the skeleton and boombox to round out the collection)

    3. Crazytown patterned green polyester dress from the Jet Rag dollar sale, 2001. It's horrible-amazing.

    4. Brown leather 1970s knee-high boots. I have two pairs that are my everything -- a lace-up pair and a high-heeled pair. Both are thrift, both have been resoled at LEAST ten times each. Probably more.

    5. 'E' belt. Found it at a vintage store in Brooklyn. It's perfection. Vintage personalized superhero belt!

    6. Thrifted mint-green waitress dress. It looks like skirt/top separates but it's a dress. It's minty excitement. It's definitely a uniform of some kind from the 1970s.

    7. Brown faux-Chloe Steve Madden stompers. I think they go with anything and everything and they make me tall and they are super comfortable. Win win win.

    No horsin' around: Elizabeth's horse pendant.