So Redbook did this feature where they asked nine couples to share what they learned from their parents' marriages. Of course, they all come up with sweet life lessons like "Speak Kindly of Each Other" and "Show Your Children Your Love," which is really nice ... but in a nation where half of all marriages end in divorce, not all of us learned such positive lessons from our folks.

For instance: "From my parents I learned don't get married."

Read more bad stuff we learned from our parents' marriages after the jump.

+Marriage is a habit, and it's a hard one to break.

+If your husband is gay, he WILL eventually ask you for a divorce.

+Anything can be overcome by denial, silence and triangulation.

+Somebody has to be the adult in a marriage, and it's usually the woman.

+How about what my kids learned from my marriage to my ex?
Answer: Social worker's cell phone number.

+Most marital stress comes from two things: money and kids.

+Marry someone who's going to encourage your interests, not just his.

+A really great daiquiri recipe.