While they might not be Adonis, there's something irresistible about a sweet, scholarly or awkward dude (maybe it's that nerds are supposedly better in bed). That's why Lacey Soslow and Sarah O'Brien joined forces to make "Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration."

The book features crush-worthy poindexter icons from movies, politics and pop culture. We picked our favorites and present them in this gallery for your drooling pleasure.

Geeky Dreamboats

    Michael Cera

    Birthday: June 7, 1988

    Fun Fact: Michael plays guitar in the band The Long Goodbye.

    Why We Love Him: It might have been that time, in the second season of Arrested Development when he was sitting on Jason Bateman's lap. Or maybe it was when he was lathering his inner thighs with deodorant in Juno. Either way, Michael had us way before he said anything. Maybe it's those oversized khaki pants and festive print shirts, or the way he wears a sweatband and combs his side part. He's made many a woman in her twenties (and dare we say, thirties?) blush with girlish delight at his beauty and charm -- and for that we love him

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    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Paul Rudd

    Birthday: April 6, 1969

    Fun Fact: Paul was a DJ at bar mitzvahs before his acting career took off.

    Why We Love Him: Paul is taking the world of comedy by storm, and we like it. As the irresistible Brian Fantana in Anchorman, he introduced us all to the power of Sex Panther, which he wore proudly and with enthusiasm. But it's not just the Casanovas that he can play. Oh. No. As bitter David in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and the emasculated Pete in Knocked Up, Paul stole the spotlight and left us enamored. Although he often plays second fiddle to comic leads, in our eyes, Paul is second fiddle to no one.

    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Stephen Colbert

    Birthday: May 13, 1964

    Fun Fact: Stephen has his own Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor -- "Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream."

    Why We Love Him: We love Stephen as much as he loves Lady Liberty, and that's a lot. Back in the day, he melted our hearts as Chuck Noblet on Strangers with Candy; we swooned when he debated himself as a correspondent on The Daily Show; and he blew our minds at the White House Correspondents dinner. Now, The Colbert Report is our only source for news, ever. There's nothing better than a Peabody Award -- except three Peabody Awards! Stephen Tyrone Colbert is truly The Greatest Living American. And that's because truthiness = sexiness.

    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    John Cho & Kal Penn

    Birthdays: John – June 16, 1972
    Kal – April 23, 1977

    Fun Facts: John starred in an episode of The Family Feud with his brothers. Kal is a vegetarian and ate veggie burgers during the filming of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

    Why We Love Them: Kalpen Suresh Modi, mmmm, it just rolls off the tongue. And sweet John Cho. Sure, some might think they're just the pretty faces from Harold and Kumar Go to White castle, which is true, yes. But they'd be remiss to forget John and Kal's critically acclaimed work in the American Pie franchises (John!) and Van Wilder movies (Kal!). Ah, those hormones and teen angst, it's no wonder those boys got mixed up with marijuana. But who can blame them? We'd gladly join them on a trip to White Castle any day!

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    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Jimmy Fallon

    Birthday: September 19, 1974

    Fun Fact: Jimmy is close friends with actress Parker Posey, who was his neighbor in New York City.

    Why We Love Him: As the bumbling, goofy cast member who always breaks character and bursts into laughter on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy captured our hearts from the first time he graced our TV screens. From his spot-on impressions of Adam Sandler to his wicked-awesome portrayal of a diehard Red Sox fan in Fever Pitch, Jimmy – with his disheveled hair and tortoiseshell glasses – redefines adorable geekiness and reminds us all of some long-forgotten geeky classmate from the seventh grade who always made us laugh.

    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Jack McBrayer

    Birthday: May 27, 1973

    Fun Fact: Jack was once chosen as employee of the month at Applebees.

    Why We Love Him: As the endearing and ever-cheerful Kenneth in 30 Rock, Jack is a refreshing breath of innocence that stands out in a world of cranky and sarcastic characters. With his Southern twang and straight moral compass, we can't help but be swept up in his world of sunshine and optimism. From honing his comedy craft at Second City in Chicago to cameos in goofy comedies like Talladega Nights and Walk Hard to the Mariah Carey video for "Touch My Body," he is a sweet, sweet shining star with major potential.

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    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Demetri Martin

    Birthday: May 25, 1973

    Fun Fact: Demetri can write with both hands at the same time.

    Why We Love Him: From The Daily Show to Flight of the Conchords to his stand-up acts with his trusty easel, Demetri has earned his place in the comedic realm with his soothing monotone voice and geeky outfits. It's true that he has a passion for palindromes and is allergic to peanuts, two exceptionally geeky qualities that seal Demetri's fate as a comic nerd. But his tussled dark locks and deep chestnut eyes more than make up for it; so even though we live for PB&J sandwiches, we'd shun them for him any day!

    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Jon Stewart

    Birthday: November 28, 1962

    Fun Fact: Jon and his wife do the New York Times crossword every night. Jon actually proposed to her through a crossword puzzle.

    Why We Love Him: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz. That's his real name, and it's adorable! From playing soccer at William and Mary College to stocking shelves at Woolworth's to becoming a comedy rock star, he's proven himself to be a Renaissance man. He's almost as smart as he is funny, and we can't think of anything dreamier. Who else would we tune into every night to watch the fake news? Well, maybe Stephen Colbert, but he learned from the best!

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    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Barry Obama

    Birthday: August 4, 1961

    Fun Fact: In his spare time, Barack loves to cook chili, shoot hoops, and play poker.

    Why We Love Him: Maybe it was his smile. Maybe it was his ears. Maybe it was the devilish way he said "sweetie" that put us into a swoon -- or maybe it was just the impeccable grooming of the closet metrosexual that left us in shock and awe. Whatever it was, Barry had us from the first "yes, we can." Obama girl better watch out: She may have the bikini, but we've got the power to get out the vote. Could we spend the next eight years delighting in Barry's every press conference? Hanging on every word of his State of the Union? Yes. Yes, we can.

    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

    Seth Rogen

    Birthday: April 15, 1982

    Fun Fact: Seth's parents met in Israel.

    Why We Love Him: As part of Judd Apatow's comedy crew, Seth has rightly earned his spot as part of this ensemble. Writing Superbad put him on the map, and in Knocked Up he proved to nerdy guys everywhere that yes, the nerd can get the hot girl. Plus, he's singlehandedly breathed new life into the bromances that have come to define such films as The 40-Year-Old-Virgin and Pineapple Express. And what more could a girl ask for then to see not one, but two geeky dreamboats chumming together for a two-and-a-half-hour movie?

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    Geeky Dreamboats/Quirk Books

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