A day at the bank quickly turned into an opportunity for heroics for one Spokane, Wash., banker, who managed to save the lives of a family. OK, a family of ducks, BUT STILL!

A mama duck decided to nest on the ledge of the bank where Joel Armstrong works, and when her eggs hatched, the tiny ducklings needed to be led to fresh water in order to feed. Since they couldn't yet fly, they were stranded 15 to 20 feet above ground. Joel was able to coax the family down and lead it to safety.

But here's where things got crazy -- the ducks inadvertently descended on the same day as a major parade that was about to pass right in front of the bank. Joel led the ducklings through the empty parade route, around barriers and finally into a lake, just in the nick of time.

From now on he shall be known as Duckman. (Hopefully nobody remembers that terrible cartoon from the '90s)