The sucky economy, credit card payments and mom's home-cooked meals have a lot of us moving back in with our parents. While the free room and board is always great, living with the 'rents when trying to get with a dude is not so great.

A new story on AOL Personals offers advice on how to get your parents to stop being so nosy and give you a little make-out, er, breathing room.

Of course, the real experts are our recently moved-back-home friends who do this on a weekly basis, so we asked for their opinions:

"I always have to fool around in the car in front of my house, it's the worst thing ever," said Ang, 24. "It's like I'm a teenager all over again, I still don't think boys are allowed in my room."

"Since I live at home, I always wind up going to visit my boyfriend who lives in his own apartment," said Kristina, 23. "While it's great because we're never interrupted and we have a lot more privacy, the money I save in rent is being spent on gas."

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"My parents and boyfriend get along great," said Sadie, 24. "Because my parents are lenient, he's allowed to come over and sleep over as much as he likes. But with that comes trying to be intimate without them knowing. Just the other day my bf and I were having sex when my dad knocked on the door, I didn't know what to do so I blurted out a lame 'just a minute' and quickly scrambled to get dressed. It was awful when I eventually opened the door because he definitely knew what was going on."

Their stories echo the AOL Personals article's point: Negotiation is key. Being straightforward and honest off the bat will help set boundaries. So if you want your mom's constant dating questions to stop, tell her to butt out but make sure she understands when you're with someone worthy of your time, she'll be the first one to know.

And if mom and dad say guys aren't allowed to sleep over, try reminding them that although your mom still does your laundry for you, you're not a child any more and come to a compromise that all of you are comfortable with.

So tell us: How has your love life been since moving back home? Any tips on how to make the transition any smoother?