Can't seem to figure out why you're always so tired? Sometimes it's not just about getting enough sleep or chugging caffeine ... There may be other things sucking the verve right out of you!

Click through below to see what could be keeping you yawning -- you'll find the unexpected culprits in your closet, your medicine cabinet, on your computer, even at work. With a few quick fixes, and you'll have the energy to party all night, all summer long.,feedConfig,entry&id=592009&pid=592008&uts=1251410054
10 Surprising Things That Can Make You Tired
Find out why checking your e-mail nonstop could be sapping your energy -- plus 9 other culprits.
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Surprising Energy Zappers

    Checking e-mail. A London University study says e-mail addicts undergo a 10-point crash in their IQ (smoking pot only sheds 4 points) -- equal to missing a whole night's sleep. Quick fix: Set your preferences to only check for new e-mails hourly, and turn off notifications so you're not sucked back in.


    Procrastinating. Your to-do list seems endless. You're too tired to tackle it, but since you feel guilty about having tons to do, you never relax. Quick fix: Set aside weekly blocks of time to stay on top of simple chores. You'll have more time and energy for the bigger pains in the butt.

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    Boozing it up. Not only does alcohol make it harder for you to sleep, red wine, beer and fruity cocktails have elaborate ingredients that can trigger low-level allergies. That can easily equal fatigue. Quick fix: Switch to a simpler mixer (like G&T or rum & cola) and see if you feel better the morning after.

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    Popping pills. Taking a drug at the wrong time can leave you too amped up or super drowsy. Allergy meds and antidepressants can make people feel fidgety or dazed, and what's fine for a friend may be sapping your energy (even if it's not a listed side effect). Quick fix: Switch up when you dose or ask your doc.

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    A breakout or cold sore. An Ohio State University study found that women with blemishes were at risk of exhaustion. Why? Self-consciousness impacts your social and sex life, which bums you out and drains you. Quick fix: Hit a makeup counter to learn how to conceal like a pro or see a derm for a long-term fix.

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    Too much outdoors. Anything that makes breathing difficult can cause fatigue. Smog and ozone levels tend to be higher on hot summer days, leading to inflamed lungs and health issues like hay fever and asthma. Quick fix: Exercise indoors, limit outdoor time and close car windows on sticky, smoggy days.

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    Too much indoors (sigh). It's known as "Air-Con Fatigue" -- when your teeth start chattering and your hands go numb from your arctic office. It triggers your body to produce more heat, consuming energy, leaving you beat. Quick fix: Walk around regularly, wear layers, sip tea or call your building maintenance.

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    A heavy purse. Carrying your life in your bag strains your shoulders and back which leads to overall fatigue. And slouching under the weight will compress your lungs, meaning less oxygen to your entire body (yawn). Quick fix: Once a week, dump the stuff you don't need to carry. (Six shades of lipstick? Really?)

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    Swimming. You're not just tired from burning all those calories. According the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, chlorinated pools can cause sinus issues. Sinusitis is linked with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Quick fix: Rinse nasal passages with saline solution or use the steam room post-dip.

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    Gaining 5 pounds. Weight gain = energy drain. An extra 5 pounds on your frame makes you expend about 2 percent more energy, so your body has to work harder to get you through the day. Quick fix: Stay active, keep your weight steady and get moving.

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