After hearing my male friends talk for the zillionth time about their ridiculous strategies for picking up hot bartenders, I realized the world was low on advice for picking up a male bartender -- though it's certainly not low on behind-the-tap hotties.

So I went online and scrounged up a few common-sense tips. (Most actually seem like pretty solid advice for picking up any guy.)

1) Don't be too drunk.
2) Don't come on too strong.
3) Have a guy friend with you.
4) Tip well.
5) Be a regular.
6) Don't be a regular.
7) If he likes you, stick around and buy him a drink.

So I decided to take it upon myself to do some personal investigating.

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Getting (Too) Busy
Strutting down to a nearby bar, I perched myself on a vacant bar stool next to my friend and casually batted my eyes at the disheveled bartender. He abruptly asked what I wanted without even recognizing my delicate flirting. I quickly ordered and tossed my hair to the side, flashing him a smile.

Unfazed, he had already turned to pour my drink. This was going to be a bit harder than I had anticipated. I focused my energy on my friend for the next few hours, as the bar became more crowded and my chances of getting his attention were now even slimmer.

Moving On
After being practically shoved into the bar, I figured relocating was my best bet. I moved to the front of a new, much less popular bar and slid onto a stool.

This time, I started a conversation with the bartender about strange drink orders he'd gotten. He was more into chatting than the last guy since the bar wasn't as packed. I was enjoying the attention and asked him which of the bar's draft beers he prefers.

This slow banter died down, and he brought me a drink and walked away. Discouraged, I took my drunk friend home and decided to try again the next day.

Hiring Wingmen
The following night, I decided standing might be a better method and started talking to a few guys next to me. Because two of them happened to be bartenders and know the one working, I led a conversation on what they think are the best ways to pick up bartenders. They were all really into it, even flattered.

One guy admitted that he's usually so busy working that he doesn't think about getting girls -- plus he can never decode whether a girl is actually into him or just trying to get a free drink. I asked them if writing my number on the receipt after closing my tab would be a good approach.

One guy arrogantly stated that he would rather the girl ask for his number so he doesn't have to remember to call. The rest concurred, so I told them they were all lazy. Soon I realized that one of them was flirting with me. He told me to come into his bar when he's on shift, and he'd buy me shots. Score!

My Tips
Ultimately, I've learned that men, at least male bartenders, are just as simple as everyone claims all men to be. I don't need to accumulate a list of 10 ways to pick up a bartender. The ultimate "trick": Ask the bartender what he thinks the best way is to pick up a bartender.

Tell us! How have you caught the eye of the guy behind the bar?

Anna Brand is a frequent Lemondrop contributor.