Identical twins marrying a set of identical twins -- it sounds like something from a soap opera. But it actually happened in Wuxi, China, so we can only hope that none of them are evil and/or homicidal.

It was unusual enough when Jian Yang, one-half of a set of identical male twins, proposed to Juxiang Jiang, herself one-half of a matching set. But things got weirder when their identical siblings, Kang Yang and Lanxiang Zhang, fell in love at their engagement party. All this led to -- clearly -- a double wedding.

Of course, hilarity and confusion ensued. For instance, Kang once tried to hold his brother Jian's fiancee's hand on a group outing. Naturally, she didn't stop him, because she thought Kang was Jian. And there they stood, until Kang's fiancee helpfully corrected the error. (How did she know?)

Their parents consider the marriages a sign of great luck. Which is good, because with all the potential for accidentally adultery, they're going to need all the luck they can get. That, and name tags.

10 Outrageous Theme Weddings

    Football Wedding This couple was married at the Cincinnati Bengals' Paul Brown Stadium. No word on whether the bride wore a sports bra.

    Hello Kitty Wedding Never moved past your Hello Kitty pencil case? You can pay to have two giant creatures escort you down the aisle, like this couple.

    Star Wars Wedding We hope Yoda presided over this wedding ("Take the bride, do you?"). The London Telegraph reports on one such union where a Princess Leia was the ring bearer, clad in the infamous gold bikini.

    klobtime, Flickr

    Biker Wedding Why leave your Harley at home for the big day when you can ride down the aisle in style? This couple takes leather to the altar and shows their guests exactly how to ride off in to the sunset, without chafing.

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    WWII Wedding Time to party like it's 1942? All 100 guests at this wedding got into theme, donning fur wraps, berets and caps adorned with feathers. For authenticity they piped in the sound of sirens and Lancaster bombers flying overhead.

    Hartlepool Mail

    Zombie Wedding If the undead get married, then it really is a union that will last forever. To make it authentic you could even get carried in a coffin to the altar. Consider eating beforehand if you don't like brains.

    Disney Princess Wedding For your Cinderella day, you can buy a gown from the official Disney fashion line, or have your wedding at the actual theme park for 10 grand and up. Next up: "Lion King" groomsmen!?

    Gangster Wedding Bonnie and Clyde made being a gangster romantic and now you can too with some vintage duds and smart pinstripes.

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    Renaissance Wedding Grab your lute and mount your trusty steed! If you're donning a garter, run swiftly. One rather aggressive medieval tradition called for guests to grab a piece of the garment by any means necessary.

    Lord of the Rings Wedding "One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." Take your "precious" to the altar and recite lines straight from Tolkien's classic as the vows. These LOTR superfans earn bonus points for their Minas Tirith cake.

    Sarah and Patrick Needham