Sometimes guys say the darndest things. Like, not in a cute, "Oh, that's so adorable I just want to hug you and make you baked ziti, cuddle on the couch and watch 'Gossip Girl'" kind of way. But more in a "WTF, you are a raging jerkface who I would like to kick in your special purpose" sense. You catch my drift.

Things like, "If I'd have known you weren't going to sleep with me tonight, I'd have ordered more whiskey," which was said to a good friend of ours by a charming d-bag on their first date.

In honor of these guys and their craptacular behavior, we've decided to highlight some in a semi-regular column, Relationship Whoas. We want your stories of horrible dude behavior. Bad boys. Creepy guys. Crappy texts. Nasty e-mails. Amazing tales of the guys you dated who had two cars and two cell phones so he could more effectively cheat. (Yes, that actually happened.)

Send them to us or just leave it in the comments (resist the urge to include his full name, blog and e-mail address). We promise we'll change all incriminating names and details.

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